13 Scariest Things Ever (2015 Edition)

13 Scariest Things Ever (2015 Edition)

This is the list of things that scare the pants off of us, that leave us heaving in terror upon the ground, nearly vomiting. That cause us such existential dread we stop speaking, or end conversations, or sit up at night wondering. That make you stop playing for the day, or pause the movie, or turn off the TV and go hug a pet.

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Its highly unlikely that the soviet doomsday ship ever existed beyond a paper plan. The soviets in the early 60s simple did not have the capability to produce the amount of fissile material needed and sustain a matching missile programme after Kennedy's massive expansion. The late 50s and early sixties Soviet nuclear programme was more smoke and mirrors than anything else. The Soviets own propaganda somewhat backfired on them by inducing a massive nuclear expansion by the US, when the US already had a large lead in bombers and missiles.

The second reason why the a doomsday ship wouldn't have got off the drawing board was the overwhelming naval firepower of Nato forces. Its highly unlikely that in the early 60s that a Soviet surface ship at sea would have survived beyond a few days in an event of war.

Donald Trump and Ben Carson are running for president of the US and have millions of supporters, that scares the absolute crap out of me.

Xan Krieger:
Donald Trump and Ben Carson are running for president of the US and have millions of supporters, that scares the absolute crap out of me.

What's scary is that the US in general is in such a shitty state that people are actually considering Trump as a serious candidate.

Also scary: the fact that Hilary Clinton is still viable despite being a walking scandal machine and a proven liar.

OT: Hehe, that Tomb of Horrors actually reminds me of a custom story I made for my group once. It featured a "Cave of No Return." Why is it called such a corny name? Well it's simple: no one that's gone in has ever come back out. It's filled with all sorts of inescapable death-traps that I came up with after reading a particularly relevant Penny Arcade comic.

My favorite was one involving a Chalice of Immortality. To get to this trap, you had to find a secret passage that was hidden inside another secret passage (all the better to bait the players into thinking they've stumbled upon something very valuable since it's so well hidden away). Upon entering the chamber, there are no monsters...no traps...the only thing that can be detected is a powerful holy aura sanctifying the area. In the center of the chamber is a dias with the chalice resting on it. Much like the Holy Grail from Indiana Jones, however: it only works within that particular chamber. The thing is that anyone who drinks from it is indeed granted immortality...by instantly being turned undead. At this point, the sanctifying holy aura instantly kills them and renders them to a pile of unresurrectable ash. :3


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