8 Bit Philosophy: Will History End?

Will History End?

Will history end?

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Star Trek has shown us that it does and it doesn't. The scale just keeps getting bigger at a rate faster than history concludes.

World Spirit is a way different beast than 'History' IMHO. History is the recording of facts (hopefully) by humans for later. This whole idea of his doesn't really touch the *word* history in as much as it's about the evolution of a society. Will that ever get perfect? Star Trek has some interesting idea's about it. With unlimited energy and materials made directly FROM that energy the world does seem a pretty perfect place where no one is wanting. Even the weather is controlled to not do damage/kill.

Even though individuals might be unhappy, that does seem like a place that (on a community scale) doesn't have anywhere left to go. So they go into space! :D

Let's hope not ... it makes up part of my first dual major and I've done very well by it. History might end however, historiography won't ever end. And fortunately all historians are historiographers. Historiography gives us the means to seperate history into paradigms of thought, and thus different relevant facts that lead to a greater appreciation of some mythical 'whole' (as we cannot even picture it)... which is the presupposed state of a Hegelian existence.

Ultimately... his theory taken as an absolute rather than a generalised trend seems a little simplistic. The idea of actually obtaining rather than constantly pursuing perfection is rather naïve, and while I am a big fan of rationality, humans are fundamentally more complicated than that and emotive reasoning will likely continue to be a factor for better or worse.

Not to mention that there are plenty of conflicts in the world that have neither resulted in a new belief wholly supplanting an old one, nor any established ideas seriously being challenged. Indeed the new status quo seems to be endless stalemates...

It seems more likely we'll reach the end of the world than achieving such equilibrium at a global scale.


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