All Hail the Snail Lord of Osaka

All Hail the Snail Lord of Osaka

White Wolf acquires Paradox Interactive, I point you at some board games we don't have time to review ourselves, and you gain the ability to play a giant snail in your dungeon fantasy games.

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D&D's design team has some class variants customized for Underdark play, though I'm not sure why they're giving them to us after the release of their [a href=""]big Underdark campaign arc.

OT: I heard about Headspace a while ago from an interview with the designer, who made a snarky comment that he had actually started designing the game before Sense8 ever was announced. I feel for the guy who is going to forever hear that it's the RPG version of that (mediocre) show. And I'm glad that you guys managed to take over the Escapist podcast for an episode to talk about some tabletop stuff in depth.


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