Game Theory: Bowser's Broken Home in Super Mario

Bowser's Broken Home in Super Mario

We've all fought Bowser through every Mario world and universe since the very beginning of the Mushroom Kingdom. We know his penchant for kidnapping princesses and running over us in Mario Kart, but how well do we REALLY know everyone's favorite Nintendo villain? Turns out, Bowser has a soft side left over from a lonely and sad past that will make you feel guilty every time you chop that bridge out from under him!

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Wait... but if Super Mario Brothers 3 was a performance and did not really happen then that would make the story within Mario Bros 3 fictitious, even within the Mario World (and thus it is pointless to base any information off it). So this leads us to this... in the factitious story of Super Mario Brothers 3 they were Bowser's children but in the 'real' story they are not, thus what Miyamoto said and what the original Japanese manual of Super Mario Brothers 3 were both correct (the manual is talking about the plot of the performance and Miyamoto is talking about the 'real' Mario world). Furthermore since the original Japanese manual of Super Mario World does not call them his children, this shows that they were only his children during the performance of Super Mario Brothers 3 and not in the Mario 'cannon'.


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