Five Ways Overwatch Is Better Than TF2 - One Way It's Worse

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well i agree with size thing. Everything over 8v8 in TF2 was always frustrating to me

Speaking as someone who had TF2 from beta your "one point in favour" of TF2 is actually a gigantic point against it for me.

TF2 lost me years ago when it jumped the shark with the weapons and cosmetics. In contrast I'm massively hyped for Overwatch.

Oh, hey, Ian Cheong, it means the whole article is pretty much advertisement.

Well, then there's the fact that overwatch is gonna be $40 and TF2 is free. So...

I'm glad we still haven't gotten past "Opinion pieces are not considered news articles" in terms of reading comprehension. I can understand there's a lot of Valve fans in here that believe the greatest thing a game can be is basically just a tool kit for people to make their own games/movies. But really, this is turning into "WOW, this person's opinion of something I don't like is positive while maintaining a negative attitude about something else I do like (possibly)? Obviously they're a shill."

Adam Jensen:
This article reads like it's written by someone who's played TF2 for a few hours years ago when WoW servers were down for maintenance and most of their knowledge comes from reading TF2 Wiki. Jesus Christ, at least play the game properly if you're going to draw comparisons.

It doesn't even feel remotely like that. The wiki would probably note things like damage fall-off and the very existence of the scout. At the very least in TF2 the characters are the same under the cosmetics, whereas in Overwatch we'll be seeing skins as pre-order DLC, somehow I don't think "medieval Tracer" and "steampunk black widow" are going be the same so much as maybe vaguely resemble their defaults for example (I have this problem with some of the more extravagant cosmetics in TF2 too).

You don't need to play the oppositions product to pretend like yours is better. Don't be ridiculous, man. That's not how the internet works! Get with it!

Correction, you don't need to look at the opposition's product to pretend yours is better. Just looking at the artstyles I can tell Blizzard don't have a clue, they really do look like someone made fan art of a bunch of different characters from the same company, while in TF2 you don't need to memorize every weapon type, because at the very least you can tell that weapons of the same type will used by the same class, Overwatch doesn't seem to understand that. In addition they don't seem to take gameplay into account when designing characters as much as Valve.
See that, you can immediately recognize their role in the game. From the spy's smooth additude to the scout's hyperactive arrogance, everyone oozes a personality that works well for their roles. Aside from that the TF2 cast is fun and incredibly likable for characters in a game with almost fuck-all story in a setting based around comedic sociopathy. Overwatch doesn't look to have put as much thought into the characterization.

What's the difference between the golem and giant guy?! Did we need a seperate melee class when Demoman's sword was simply designed so that obvious enough that it changed his profile enough to make it clear he was carrying a sword. And what's the Clint Eastwood parody's actual role in the team?

But then there's the deal killer.

Its Blizzard, you know Blizzard, we all know Blizzard they listen to feedback about as well as... well somebody without a customer service department. I honestly can't think of any other company that is as bad at this just look at Diablo 3, it STILL has an always online requirement, and how long did it take them to take out the RMAH?

Now for a second imagine that they screw up the balance in Overwatch somehow, say they make some mistake in balancing a demoman-like class in overwatch. Do you think there is a chance in hell they'll fix that before the competitive angle dries up entirely? Most of the time their fixes arrive a year too late and a tidal wave of criticism too soon.

Also no dedicated servers in Overwatch, none whatsoever.

I remember watching a documemtary when fairly young about marketing and how it will evolve with time and "economic growth." One point they made that stuck in my mind to this very day is that; we will reach a point where we won't know for sure that any person we happen to be talking to is telling you their opinion, or an opinion they have been "encouraged" to share. I can safely say we have reached, and passed that point in time. It even scared me then to think that. Now, though? It's just part of life and nowhere near as scary as what else exists.

"More competitive than TF2"

Hah hah ... HAHAHAHH.... yeah nice try. TF2's skill ceiling is much higher than OW's will ever be. So high that the best sniper players who ever played it and would constantly out-snipe AIMBOTS .... weren't even the "best" players on their teams. I'd be shocked if the Author of this piece ever even WATCHED any TF2 Finals

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