Judging By The Cover: Judging Spectre

Judging Spectre

Nice trigger discipline Bond.

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You should be aware that when the escapist video player buffers during the first poster dissection, it looks like he is wearing a spinning space monocle.

Nice analysis of the covers, I liked when you pointed directly at Daniel Craig's junk. Also, nice find at the very end, I didn't think of putting both words together. :)

I loved the bit at the end, especially Yahtzee's dry laugh.

I wish I had that on a little clicker on my key chain so I could play it whenever I wanted.

No Grim Fandango jokes?! I am seriously surprised. I was expecting that off-the-bat Yahtzee!!

Daniel Craig can totally rock a tactleneck. I can't recall any previous Bond actor wearing that in a truly memorable manner.
Speaking of David Bowie, I would like Yahtzee to analyze one of his album covers, and really go nuts! The ones that jump into my mind are Diamond Dogs, Ziggy Stardust, Station to Station, and Pin Ups.

"Not to worry! I can flip the left-hand side of your face if you want to see what you'd look like if you got the other one done...and...turned into David Bowie..."

xD that one got a good laugh out of me.

One of your best!!


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