The Mad Butcher Who Inspired Silence of the Lambs & Psycho

The Mad Butcher Who Inspired Silence of the Lambs & Psycho

You may think you've never heard of Ed Gein, but chances are you're more familiar with his gruesome legend than you know. That's because countless popular horror movies drew their real-world inspiration from this twisted, mother-obsessed serial killer's deranged spree.

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You know, I always noted the 'based on a true story' or 'based on factual events' lead-ins to the movies he inspired, but I never really pursued his case beyond that. Been a fan of the Texas Chainsaw movies, both old and new- though I prefer supernatural horror, I have to acknowledge some classics in the genre, you know?

Thanks for a fascinating at this 'monster behind the movies'.

I keep forgetting that Silence of the Lambs had some influences from Gein.

Then I remember Buffalo Bill and it suddenly makes sense.

I don't know why, but Gein is an interesting figure to read about. I mean, yeah, he was a sick and twisted figure, but it's interesting how he inspired a lot of horror fiction due to his... activities. I'm personally more into the psychological aspects of horror rather than serial killer horror, but there are a few psychological horror movies that have those Gein influences that just make it extra creepy and just a whole lot of 'nope' in them.

Augusta Gein; world's greatest mum. Weird though, one not-spoken-or-visited nan is apparently as batshit as that. Won't go into details, suffice to say not a good human. Does not bode well, genetically speaking. sigh At least a generation's distance has kept it mostly out of sight. Minds can be funny things.

and for the person who has everything his hatchet he used was sold online a couple of years back


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