Fallout 4 - Anticipation

Fallout 4 - Anticipation

The anticipation for Fallout 4

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I suppose the only problem with that is that sometimes you find out that the cool toy you wanted was actually made in China with lead paint and child worker tears, and it falls apart as soon as you get it.

I just set my 'Christmas' after the first big patch comes out (past Day 1), so I get the anticipation while also having time to find out whether or not I really want it in my life.

My Christmasses just included an 8 hour long family dinner that just turned into drinking between my family, and me just having to sit there ._.

Moot comparison. I got hyped for The Witcher 3 because I believed in those boys and gals in Poland to spearhead games development in Eastern Europe. I'm proud of them for what they did, and it delivered a game that explored an otherwise untouched culture in Western media.

Waiting for that felt almost like waiting to come back home during Summer time.

The most rational argument in favor of pre-orders that I have ever read. Though, I'm still against them in general.

The look on the Vault Boy's face upon unboxing his shiny new minigun is "Best Christmas EVER!!!"
And you never, EVER interrupt a man during his Super Mutant killing spree.

My Christmases are a lot like my current birthdays (only celebrated on the day of): Filled with cash and/or cards filled with cash...

Other than that, I wouldn't mind some Jak 4-play with a side of "socks"... :p (Too bad that Naughty Dog won't give me the goods...)

And like more than a few Christmas presents, I was disappointed with Fallout 4 because I had to download 19gb even though I bought the physical copy.

The most rational argument in favor of pre-orders that I have ever read. Though, I'm still against them in general.

Anticipation is rational? More like being brainwashed by marketing and being conditioned like pavlov's dogs. I pre-ordered TW3 (for the sake of supporting CD Projekt) and the game was a buggy mess, even their patches cause more bugs. I've completed the first run last week.

If their is anything rational about it, it's about getting their "fix" like a drug user.

I think the question everyone should be asking here is "Why didn't I ever get a minigun for christmas?"

After the horror stories of glitches and framerate tied to dated engines the only game i will pre order in the future is Cyberpunk 2077.


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