5 Actors Who Should Do The New Star Trek Series

5 Actors Who Should Do The New Star Trek Series

CBS is doing a new Star Trek series - who should it cast as its leading actors?

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KLINGON SCIENCE OFFICER? are you absolutely mad sir?

KLINGON SCIENCE OFFICER? are you absolutely mad sir?

Not at all, it's the natural choice along with the Romulan counsellor and Ferengi ethics officer.

Where's the doctor? I suggest a tribble.

Jonathan Goad should be Captain. Continuing Star Trek's tradition of hiring Shakespearean actors.

Haha, Klingon Science Officer. No, just no. It doesn't actually make much sense.

It reminds of the Star Trek CCG. There were more damn Romulans with the Honor trait than there were Klingons. They naturally picked characters who stood out from the rest as characters, but it was dumb that this ended up being the situation.

Other than that, well why not. I haven't seen Christina Ricci in anything an a long while.

It'd be interesting if the ship starts off with a regular crew from one timeline but an anomaly (which occur so often in Star Trek) replaces them with incarnations from different timelines.

The youthful tactical officer gets replaced by an older version of himself (Lithgow) who has survived a Federation betrayal by his Captain (played by Maggie Q). Could this grizzled officer overcome his distrust of the Captain, who hasn't yet or may never do the crimes he witnessed, in order to serve under her and get home?

There's a lot of potential to a ship crewed by folk from alternate timelines.

While we're on the subject of New Star Trek, can anyone tell me what the problem was with Chris Pine and why Movieblob called him a "dead-eyed homunculus"?

I was prepared to hate Pine as Captain Kirk but bizarrely after seeing the first film he, and Karl Urban as McCoy, are the two who fit their characters the best.

By far the worst for me is Simon Pegg as Scotty, who somehow manages to lose all the wit and charm James Doohan infused into the role.

It is NOT April 1st! Stop it :-)

But seriously, I'm sorry, I didn't like a single choice here.

Whoever they do choose, I hope it is a young cast, ready to grow into the roles over a very long period of time.


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