Judging By The Cover: Judging Fallout 4

Judging Fallout 4

More Fallout means more gas mask hoses.

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The Republican line at the end is a killer. :)

What? It isn't already the photo for the GOP candidate?

Also,Fallout is ruined for me now. The next time I play the games, every time I see power armor, I'm just gonna be thinking about how the design makes no sense.

Thanks Yathzee.

Those stingers each week are AMAZING!
Each time they make me laugh, and that's what I came for.
So bravo, charismatic stallion!!!!

Omg. X3 The ending joke is always the best part

two things..

First off, great ep as usual with the ending easily one of the best so far.

Second off, i ordered Pizza from pizza hut for carry out and was quoted "about a hour". When the **** am i supposed to go and pick it up?!

I laughed way too hard at the "few steps forward" joke

I never used the power armor at all in Fallout 3 or New Vegas, so it is kind of weird that they use it so much in their promotional stuff.

So many great jokes, like the oven-in-the-chest and radio dials on nipples, and calling is "Vault 3", instead of 111. And that happy Super-mutant and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. bit were the best! Looking forward to the ZP of this game.

You know, while I like Canon in D Major well enough, I have a feeling a better background music track would be the trial music from Chrono Trigger. Not sure why but it seems like a good fit for this.

He should use Cannon in D Minor!

I like how the music suddenly cut out before that end rant xD

No, that's clearly Vault 7.

The scope doesn't come down over the eye. It is a camera that provides more info overlayed directly on the view port.

I didn't know that future US president Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho was featured in Fallout 4. 10/10 It's got electrolytes.


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