Love the Coopers - Don't Tell Me What to Do!

Love the Coopers - Don't Tell Me What to Do!

Love the Coopers is a dysfunctional family drama/romance/comedy that takes place over Christmas. And it's awful.

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The world needs a Christmas movie that plays out like Moral Oral's Christmas special.

I thought it was going to be The Osbournes but with Alice Coopers family.

Well, if I wanted a series of "connecting" subplots all revolving around the holidays, including Christmas, and without a comma in the title, then I'll just stick with Love Actually...

Other than that, that review tagline reminds me of My Dad Is A Rockstar...

I'm beginning to think Ed Helms really needs to choose a project that isn't, well, mean. Or maybe he just doesn't have any sense of what a good script is. Or perhaps that falls to/on his agent.


We also get an omnipotent narrator (Steve Martin),

Unless the narrator is all-powerful in addition to being all-knowing, he's an "omniscient" narrator. But I don't know, maybe the narrator is God; I haven't seen the movie.


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