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'Hey Erin I found this sweet pre-war tech... by some company called Nerf.'

...and now I'm imagining how to customize one into a lethal anti scavenger weapon.
Stick stingwing barbs through the foam tips?
soak the nerf darts in radioactive swamp water and aim for the mouth?
So many options...

These games speak to me on a primal level.
Straight past the reasoning part of my brain and directly to the perma hunched hairy knuckled scavenger who still lurks there in the hindbrain.
Which is why I spend all my time gathering shiny things (and coffee cups) then hoarding them all the while hobbling around in a crouch.
If someone mods in an option to make a treehouse and fling poop my inner scav will be truly satiated.


That ... that actually raises a question I've been wondering about for a while. Is there any actual use to the Institute weapons? The Institute version shares only a fraction of the mods for the regular laser rifle/pistol, and yet, no matter what combination of mods it seems inferior in every way. It's really strange since the Institute weapons are not just harder to get (or at least, I found plenty of laser weapons before institute weapons), they're also described as being an improved version.

So, is there any actual use to them? Because just going off the stats I've seen they appear to be worse in every way, to the point that if an enemy was charging me I would sooner thrown the rifle at them rather than waste any of my hundreds of microfission cells.

They can be good. I had a great one for a while. It would still be good, were it not for my snazzy unique laser rifle which has a nice bonus effect and doesn't hog my screen.

EDIT: Quick check, it's equal. Save for screen hogging and lack of snazzy effect.

As for this comic, not very relatable if you're like me and haven't bothered with any base building. I'd say you could replace the mugs with desk fans or anything else with screws, but they're no longer a problem thanks to that lovely perk.

cleric of the order:
That's a straight up plasma gun from ol' 40k

Yeah, that's what I thought as well.

Hang on, given that plasma guns often overheat and kill the operator, that really changes the joke.

The Rogue Wolf:

I had the same experience in Skyward Sword.

"'You have found a goddess plume. It's a rare treasure few will behold.' Yeah, whatever, put it with the other seven I have no more use for. Now, where the hell can I get more tumbleweed?"

Which in turn reminds me of a particular flower in Legend of Grimrock II, whose flavor text describes it as being something an alchemist would be lucky to see one of in a lifetime. I think I had eighteen of them by the end of my playthrough, and never ended up using any.

Ahh the joys of Nirnroot. Here is the most useful flower an alchemist can ever use. So awesome it is that we limited the amount you can find to 200flowers. I never used the bloody weed once in the game.

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