Which Overwatch Character Should You Be Playing?

Which Overwatch Character Should You Be Playing?

Trying to pick the best Overwatch character for you? Let us help!

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Dang, that's a pretty decent amount of characters.

I'm liking McCree, Reaper, and Soldier: 76.

Winstons my jam. And Pharah. The super mobile characters are the absolute best.

Using Winston to hop over a wall that the defenders are using as a chokepoint to MDK their Mercy is the best.

Personally, I'm digging Soldier 76, Roadhog and Lucio for now.

If I were to played the game I would played these classes first-

Offence- Soldier 76

Defence- Bastion

Support- Mercy

Tank- Reinhardt

Mind you I have no idea if they suit my gameplay.

Caramel Frappe:
If I get this game- I am going to main Symmetra. She sounds exactly like the type of character you need to win objectives, since every other support kinda heals but that doesn't save you from instant death right? Also Symmetra is obviously a fan of Portals ;)

(Seriously her gun looks like the portal gun. Her arm and white plating is very similar to GLaDOS's model texture / design)

Symmetra is a wonderful character to play as. Her turrets on their own aren't perfect, but you can set them up in hallways to do a bit of damage to your opponents, and as a bonus you get to learn which direction someones comin from. In Hanamura you can set 3 up on each side and when they die you can tell if its left or right you need to watch out for. Her shields are also really nice because it gives everyone an extra 50 health. That 50 health refills if they're not takin damage too, which is super helpful.

Her ult is so very useful too. Making a 15 second run turn into a 2 second run is especially helpful.


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