WWE Survivor Series 2015 - The 25th Anniversary of The Undertaker

WWE Survivor Series 2015 - The 25th Anniversary of The Undertaker

25 years ago, The Undertaker, one of the greatest WWE Superstars to ever walk this planet made his debut. At Survivor Series 2015, he returns to that same stage. Plus, the conclusion of the WWE World Heavyweight Championship tournament, two Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Matches, a Divas Championship match, and Tyler Breeze vs. Dolph Ziggler.

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First of all, gotta say I love this new expanded format for your wresting reviews and I hope this becomes a regular feature.

As for this PPV... hoooooo boy I hated every second bar Abrose Vs. Owens, and the ultimate outcome has left me drained of any desire to watch main roster WWE for the foreseeable future. Really I think the the worst thing is the whole show was just the absolute nadir of WWE's moronic talent wasting, whether its using midcard title holders as little more than glorified jobbers, crushing rising stars to prop up aging classics, or just generally refusing to give 99% of the roster any story or mic time in order to free up space for the overexposed victim star of the hour to have a 45 min back and forth with HHH at the start and end of every freaking RAW, this show had it all. And to make things worse this trend seems more and more delusional with every passing day. The main roster is chocked full of talent, but creative and/or Vince refuse to use any of it even as the pool of people anointed by the higher ups shrinks alarmingly.

At this point if Roman gets injured (and good lord I don't know how he hasn't with how many matches he works every week) WWE has nothing and its entirely because of the short sighted decision to to focus on such a minuscule number of people (presumably out of desperation to find replacement Cena to feud with a replacement HHH and a replacement Orton because god forbid Vince stop trying to make lightning strike twice) rather than build up a diverse roster of credible competitors and midcard champions who feel like champs rather than midbosses.

So in other words: RAW sucks, watch NXT.

This entire PPV was just the definition of being whelmed.

Goldust finally returns, and they waste that on the pre-show match. At least had some build-up with Stardust for a possible feud between them but besides that the match was pretty much forgettable.

Del Rio continues overtly looking like he hates his job, not that I blame him knowing the gimmick he's been saddled with. Were some solid spots in the match but I ocassionally felt like Del Rio was carrying Reigns through some of the more technical stuff which did not improve his mood. Pace picked up enough after the tree of woe spot to give it a solid finish at least.

Roman continues to prove that they nailed his character (Strong but silent type badass) during the Shield run and that he should not be giving promos or interviews with answers longer than a sentence. Creative keeps giving him promos because Vince yells at them if they don't.

Owens vs. Ambrose actually has pretty solid chemistry and a solid match. Agree with the MotN description if only because there's finally a match where Ambrose's rebound clothesline doesn't entirely look like ass, and the second he tries it a second time in the same match he gets superkicked in the face as he should. Really hoping this is leading towards an IC feud between the two of them. Might not be the spot in the card that Dean should be in, but a feud between him and Owens is pretty much the only interesting thing to possibly come out of tonight.

Agree with the criticism of the Diva's match regarding how decisive it was. Would've been more interesting to have it end in DQ resulting from some remaining rage from the Reid comment last Monday to lead to some sort of stipulation match at TLC instead of just kinda spending Paige's turn in one go like this after fucking around with actually starting the damn thing in the first place.

Mostly agree with the Wyatt vs. BoD match assessment. I honestly wonder in hindsight whether they intended to do more with the supernatural slant of the angle before calling it off for one of various reasons since the whole "I ATE THEIR SOOOOOULS! LIGHTNING, BITCHES!!" seemed like it got dropped with zero explanation whatsoever. The thing lost even more tension when Kane and Taker took out the entire damn family on their return. Why should we actually care about them fighting half of the group they just dominated in its entirety?

And once again any theory involving a heel turn is rendered invalid because I'm rather certain the WWE is too afraid of affecting merch sales or their own plans with two of their top guys to actually try and change anything about them. Dean takes a second after losing to kiss Roman's ass before rolling from the ring to give him his moment, as does everyone to the man who either loses through interference or just flat-out wins cleanly. Following the audience and IWC opinions the last few months, Sheamus cashing in was basically considered the Darkest Timeline, yet the WWE managed to create a situation where Sheamus cashed in on a guy who just beat up his best friend and was highly emotional at winning the championship... and got a bigger fucking pop.

I really hope the bit that came back after the feed had gone through some final commercials and such will finally inspire the WWE to change at least some things. I really don't have anything against Reigns himself. He's competent and getting better constantly, but his booking along with the eye-rollingly obvious intent behind it has been so atrocious that the audience's reaction to him being left alone in the ring nearly crying at the belt being taken away from him, was to basically boo him out of the building until his music hit to cover up the crowd. Have him get some more proper feuds, take him out of the title picture for a while, just do SOMETHING before he hits Eva Marie levels of crowd hate and gets shanked on the way to the ring one night.

I started watching wrestling around May this year. Watched WWE stuff through its ups and downs, spins and turns; but this is the first PPV that I honestly don't care about so far. No stand-out matches, no interesting feuds, no big moments. It's just there. Survivor Series is to this year's PPVs as its own matches were to the PPV itself: it's there, but only to fill time.

Yeah, that PPV sure was...a thing, I guess.

Best part of the whole thing was maybe Taker's entrance. Or maybe Barrett auditioning to be the 4th member of New Day


I was hoping and praying for a Dean heel turn after the three count, because everyone could see that ginger mohawk coming if not. But alas. I was also enjoying the elimination match for what it was, (a total surprise with absolutely no build) and then when Kofi and Xavier disappeared backstage the whole thing just felt deflated. As someone who doesn't watch Raw week to week but catches the PPV I was surprised how over Owens was as well, him and Dean seemed to have equal backing, and got more pops than the final.

Also seems WWE have got a new Cena in Reigns, since the "Let's go Roman, Roman sucks!" chants were ringing all around the arena for both of his matches.

Poor Wyatt family. Probably one of the more interesting characters the WWE has come up with in recent years, and one that was went over really well with the audience. But the WWE just outright refused to do anything with them. They REALLY needed to win this match to regain any sense of credibility... but the WWE went the lazy route with them again. You'd think, with Seth Rollin's success, they'd understand the value of a strong heal. But I guess not. It's a real shame. I don't really understand where they're trying to take this show.

I seriously did not expect this much critical dissection of the event.

Honestly, I thought that this was a good opportunity as ever for Shaemus to cash in, since we all knew it had to come sooner or later.

Also, Kevin Owens is steadily gaining momentum much quicker than most main roster call ups, so here's hoping that something interesting comes out of it. Yes, Ambrose feuding with him would be damn entertaining.


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