A Look At The Religious Censorship in Nintendo of America's Games

A Look At The Religious Censorship in Nintendo of America's Games

Nintendo has had rules in place since 1988 regarding sex, violence and drugs in games. A lesser known prohibition is against religious imagery in games. We look at some examples.

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Interesting read; thanks!
Wish being the secular version of Prayer, never thought about it that way!
"Health" doesn't work outside of the game context, tho... ;)

Is 'The Creator' wearing a pirate hat?

Is that Zordon in that Shin Megami Tensei scene?

This was a really interesting read! I kind of wish this site had more content of this nature. Thanks for sharing.

I'm not at all surprised here, Nintendo of America was so terrified of offending traditional sensibilities they made female characters transgeneder, because of the saying "you can't hit girls". The fact that they also kowtowed to traditional religious sensibilities is actually a lot more, well reasonable, considering at the time saying something anti-Christian was likely to cause job losses.

Is 'The Creator' wearing a pirate hat?

Every time I got to him when I played that game, I always thought it was a crown that was on fire. Also, I didn't know the chainsaw weapon had a chance to kill the final boss. I always Glass Sworded and Flared my way through him.

Fresh from the rumour mill, similar things are gonna happen in Bravely Second (someone that works for them announced it on a stream I think). Not a big deal since there's very few crosses (except a healer class maybe?) and I think they had a "holy" spell before. It's also doubly odd since the main focus of the previous game was a religious figure (basically the pope as a girl who has to go on a pilgrimage to fix crystals).

There's far more egregious stuff NOA have done. Removing the breast sliders from Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fire Emblem changing characters (a guy who was originally going to kill a sick puppy decides to save it, since someone else stepped in to help it- so it must be fate for the dog to live- is changed to a "hilarious" misunderstanding, making a grim character far less interesting) and the upcoming Bravely Second might have replaced a class that looked like a Native American with a Cowboy (Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Remember those other guys?).
Basically, being very puritan when it comes to sex and (ironically) to avoid offending anyone becoming very xenophobic when it comes to showing another culture "in case they get it wrong". And then there's the memes thrown in- the sure sign of creative bankruptcy.

Give me translation, not localization. Reggie may be fun, but he's greenlit everything NOA does in recent years (and in share-holder meetings say he wants Nintendo to be seen more like Hasbro in America).


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