Five Ways of Taking The Hurt Out of Online Haters

Five Ways of Taking The Hurt Out of Online Haters

A quick primer on how to deal with the hater when doing cosplay.

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Great article. It's also an effective list for most anyone online.

Have to say, I really enjoy these articles. They always seem quite upbeat and encouraging which is something I think is sorely lacking in a lot of games media. I think I'll even give cosplay a shot next comic con.

Always admired cosplayers, but not being the type to attend cons nor really having the impetus/time to actually learn how to make something that would fit my specifications, I'll continue to admire from afar their dedication and craft.

Nika Harper did an amazing video on how to survive Internet hostility that's just been reposted on Gamasutra. It's something anyone involved in creativity needs to see, but the gist of it is recognising the people commenting are fallible humans rather than the manifestation of your worst fears. In particular they often aren't going to recognise you as a human which is why Internet hostility is so often raw and mean spirited.


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