Rocky - Everything You Must Know Before Creed

Rocky - Everything You Must Know Before Creed

Whether you've seen them all and just can't remember specific important details, or you are a complete newbie to the franchise, we've got you covered with a guide to Rocky.

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I think they are all decent ways to kill a bit of time, none are great (mainly 'cos the last thing Sylvester Stallone should have been is an actor) but they are built on pretty good idea's, barring the Drago one 'cos that's some transparent crap.

The first is "The under dog doing far better than anybody ever expected but not quite getting it", be nice to see a few more films do this.
The second film puts doubt in your mind whether he will actually win.
Third is a fall from grace, something we have just seen Ronda Rousey experience and then rising from the ashes.
Fourth, is transparent crap but with a nice hippy "can't we all just get along?" tone.
The Fifth is about betrayal, which is usually just a surprise twist ending or something that happens right at the start to establish them as the baddie.
Sixth is just "lets do the first one again" but Rocky has confidence.

I just think Sylvester Stallone is a pretty bad actor, not entirely his fault (the whole nerve damage thing) and he doesn't seem like a director ... he is the kind of guy who should have been a lumber jack but I'll be fucked if the guy hasn't done well for himself! Maybe sometimes it takes somebody not in the biz, to produce something worth a fuck. They just lack a lil something for me to truly make them great.

Should I be concerned Rocky and Adrian's son is missing from Creed's cast list?

Rocky is a solid film, but I think Rocky Balboa is the best of the franchise. Ironically, it's really not even about the boxing; I like the quieter, inspirational, more thoughtful tone to the movie. His interactions with "Little Marie" and Paulie are good, and Stallone's depiction of Philadelphia and its people, showing his devotion to the city, is endearing.

Haven't seen Creed yet, so perhaps it can take the title, so to speak haha

I realize you had a hate on for "Southpaw", but I feel its right up there with Rocky & Rocky Balboa. Jake Gyllenhaal thoroughly enveloped the role(Like he does with literally every role.) to the point where both times I watched it I cried at a couple parts. Also "Warrior" is straight up the best movie about fighting ever made period. A must see.

For some reason "The Fighter" did not stay with me despite being made by one of my favorite directors. I'm sitting down to watch it again. Maybe itll come back to me.


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