#071 - Face Off

And here I thought Erin was gonna switch faces with Nicolas Cage.

You missed out on the best reference that goes with that title. Also, don't try to play keep away with a 7 foot tall space marine in power armour...

Post scriptum. What is taking Murderbat so long?

EDIT: Darn you ninjad me... so close...

And here I thought Erin was gonna switch faces with Nicolas Cage.

Gunny must have been the king of keep away with the other supersoldiers. Superior evasion skills for a man in bulky armor.

Note how Erin's still trying to use the chopsticks right up until panel 4. And I get the idea it's more fatigue making her drop them than realization of the futility.

That last panel...


Wow. She's winded already? She is out of shape.


now to wait how is she going to excuse her lack of fitness

"This is just like that one scene from Face/Off"
"Dammit, Matt, Stop talking about Face/Off!"

It's a distraction while her wily accomplice sneaks up from behind...

"Oh yeah? Well, your mom is dying..." Oh wait... That did not come out right...

Other than that, that was barely a full set... Do it again, Erin!

EPIC first panel!!!

AHA! So THIS is how she dies alo-

Oh... hmm... is she still alone if Gunny and Rad are figments of her imagination, which they are supposed to be?

So, what does that look like from the perspective of an outsider who can't see the hallucinations?

Erin is essentially fighting an aspect of her subconsciousness that's outraged about her diet and physical fitness. Erin is imagining a fight with what she knows are imaginary characters. Now that's what I call a emotional crisis.

I wonder how she deals with her garbage?

The Wooster:
#071 - Face Off


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I believe you mean Erin's physical fitness is:

Good luck getting THAT out of your heads!


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