Agents of Cosplay: Crossplay: Gender-Bending Cosplay

Crossplay: Gender-Bending Cosplay

Why do fans cosplay outside of a character's gender?

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Well anyway I found this interesting. Whilst planning a few costumes for various conventions next year (I do theatre stuff sometimes so I figure cosplay might be a good way to get practice at costume design and making, a very useful skill there) there are a couple of characters not of my gender that I really...just can't get the idea out of my head of doing them anyway. Because the outfits are just so good and I like the characters a lot.

Maybe I'll give some more serious thought to it.

One thing kept running through my head while I was watching this video: That Cruella Dude-ville cosplay is like... 5 minutes worth of make-up application away from also being an awesome Blackjack cosplay (assuming the pelt and gloves aren't sown on).


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