Trumbo - Blacklisted

Trumbo - Blacklisted

Trumbo is an informative and well-intentioned biopic, although it plays out like Baby's First Biopic.

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I didn't even know this movie was coming out, let alone that it has the always awesome malcolm's dad as the star.

Too bad it's about the hollywood blacklist: just thinking about that red witch hunt gets my blood pressure up. I couldn't actually watch a story on it without getting enraged at how awful the government was acting or that McCarthy wasn't just shot.

Also, I wouldn't rule anything from this movie out for an oscar: if there's one thing the academy loves, it's movies that make heroes out of hollywood.

Someday, in the long distant future, Hollywood will make movies about the people who made movies about Hollywood screenwriters.

Whenever I hear someone running for president talk about making a database/list for certain groups.
Or using fear as their only platform.

I am reminded of 'The Red Scare'.
A time in the US of A's history that we should not only remember, but still be ashamed over.

As to this movie.
Who knows, it may be 'generic', but at least it's covering something rarely covered.

Well, good timing for the movie, since blacklisting seems to be coming back into vogue.

By the way, anyone looking for more movies on the topic should definitely check out "The Front" (1976) by Martin Ritt, starring Woody Allen and Zero Mostel. It even manages to be entertaining.


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