The Legend of the Goatman

The Legend of the Goatman

Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend a firestorm kicked off on social media after a year-old YouTube clip about Goatman went viral. Here's the lowdown on just what a Goatman might be.

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Thanks for the briefing on the Goatman.

I love this kind of stuff.

With laughable stories such as these, i can't help but muse upon the psychology that perpetuates them. This one in particular seems to encompass all middle-class, christian American family fears; the obvious devil/demon reference, the fornicating with their darling teenage offspring, the killing of puppies? Not the puppies! The loveliest of all family pets! The fear of science. It is a little eye-rolling, yet...this goatman never is mentioned he uses guns...the real American horror. We can demonise anything but them! Oh one can only sigh at this, it is like an open children's book. The humans are the scary monsters, such as Gein and co. Still, good for a little chuckle i guess.

See this is what happens when super-villain security gets lax. I am still hunting down the idiot that let my prototype Henchgoat loose...

The only way we cant defeat a goat man is with some kind of man goat. Call the scientists, we have work to do.


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