Unreal Tournament 3: Titan Pack Hands On

Unreal Tournament 3: Titan Pack Hands On

When is a game update more than just a patch? When it lets you morph into a 30-foot-tall behemoth and instagib your opponents by stomping on them.


[Tears of Joy or is it Sadness?]
I really don't know what to feel about this. On one hand, UT3 has been rotting on my hard-disk drive for like, ever since it came out: I still remember how to decided to take a 15 minutes detour which ended up with me getting to my classes late, to pick up the collector edition because of 1. the awesome tin box and 2. the UT bonus discs with the video tutorials on how to use the game editor, and on the other hand, the lack of vanilla servers for CTF and WAR is depressing.

The game itself was a major deception because 2 of my favorite game modes , in fact, make that 3, where I honestly spent most of time in the previous iteration: Domination, Assault and Bombing Run, which really were more entertaining than Warfare or any of the other modes (except maybe for Duel).

I am however glad that someone has finally been able to test out this 'Titan Pack', and will certainly be awaiting for the release of this expansion with joy.

I had hoped that Assault would be brought back

On a side note, when someone at Epic says you have been added to the mailing list for updates regarding the UT3 titan pack, does that meen you will actually recieve info about it at some time, or is it a polite way of saing "stop calling us, you are unimportant".

Yayz :)
Now I just have to remember where I left UT3 ...

Sounds good, most importantly it's coming free to PS3 owners, which is more than enough to convince me to get back into playing it again. Free stuff nearly always is.

nice, this looks amazing fun, cant wait to squish ma buddys >:)

altho im glad i dont get most games on the 360 or i would be getting pretty miffed right now, they havent recieve so much free content, i would be gutted...

altho im glad i dont get most games on the 360 or i would be getting pretty miffed right now, they havent recieve so much free content, i would be gutted...

Indeed, Epic have done pretty well with UT3, as far as most PS3 owners are concerned. I think that's probably because Sony have allowed them more freedom than Microsoft have.

The addition of the mod browser is a good idea, although it probably should have been there to start with.

Nice update, though I wish they added Assault.

The damage has already been done Epic and alot of people have moved on.

I purchased UT3 for PC when it was released, I have a rig that can more then supports it. This game sucks a.., I sold my copy on ebay for about $10 less then what I paid for it and felt lucky to get that.
Face it UT3 flopped and is by far one of the worst FPS games ever released.
I have been a loyal UT fan since day one and I have loved the series but this was a big disappointment.
What made me mad was the lies and disrespect they have shown there customers and supporters.

This Titanic pack is a way for them to try and make up there losses and as far as I am concerned they can take it and shove it.
I just purchased F.E.A.R 2 and yes it did have some problems but this game signal or MP is by far much better then UT3.
My advise to anyone looking to purchase UT3 because of there Epic's Deming attempt to apologize with this so called "Titan Pack" forget it.

I feel Unreal Tournament 3 didn't live up to expectations or the previous games. Oh yeah and where the hell is the actual tournament?

I guess they expect the guns and landscapes to absorb you so you dont actually realise.


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