Stolen Pixels #66: The Hero Foretold

Stolen Pixels #66: The Hero Foretold

Fable 2 knows that heroes come in all shapes and sizes. And levels of fashion sense. And personal senses of shame.

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Haha, you know, that 'thing' in the last two panels has made me glad that Lionhead only allowed pre-set Heroes to come into your game.

This is fantastic! This basically highlights everything wrong with Fable 2. Very funny, keep it up!

My eyes are bleeding all over the keyboard.

Not even soft focus could save my eyes from that horror.

So wrong and soooooo awesome. lol I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time.

I laughed out loud, I'm not just saying that. I'm learning not to drink anything immediately before looking at Stolen Pixels, it's just too risky.




I think every game needs a transvestite hero named "Salad Dodger".

Diversity is the key to a better world. Even in a video game.


Hah! Well done Shamus. That was both hilarious and slightly grotesque.

Also, seeing Lucien puts me in mind of a taller adult-looking Ramon Salazar.

Very good, I hadn't even thought of that possibility in the game mechanics :D.

Just have to say awesome work Shamus. One of your best.

LOL that was awesome!!!

Hehe, Very good - Ancient prophets tend to be rather tolerant of fashion trends, it seems.

I can't... Stop... Laughing... I haven't laughed this hard since I read that book of garbled english five years ago.

Bloody brilliant ^_^

Awesome! I literally coiled in horror when I scrolled down I saw that... thing

must have acid - must wash image from eyes

i think i know someone with that outfit tho - awsome one this week!!

That sums up my Fable 2 experience surprisingly accurately.

Very funny. I kept my hero buff and good until I beat the game. At that point, I just turned him into a fat evil guy just to screw around.

Oh gawd, that 3ed panel was like an unexpected suprise at a New Years' party. Woot!

i Laughed So hard, this is the best one i have seen, and thats me going from 1- whenever im done

"lmao" does not accurately summarize exactly how hard i'm lmao-ing

This is just..AMAZING. All the Fable 2 Pixels made me laugh harder than I ever did. Well not really but the humour is amazing.

I was laughing so hard, i spit my coffe all over my monitor and keyboard.
But still worth it...

When I saw that I was laughing so hard I fell out of my chair...good one

Best one so far, no doubt. Made me tear-up laughing.


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