190: High Scores for Hope

High Scores for Hope

Some people play videogames to relieve stress. Others play them to kill time. But some players have a more noble goal: to help make the world a better place. Maxwell McGee speaks with The Speed Gamers about their marathon charity efforts.

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Awesome article and very well written. Thanks for posting the article Maxwell and I hope to read more articles from you!

Glad that threre are people doing what they like to help people. It also helps the image of videogames to change from a stupid time-killer hobby to a medium to entertain and help people.

I enjoyed this article and the links found therein. I'm excited to run the idea by a friend of mine to do an all girl marathon of (cover your ears Yahtzee)all the Final Fantasy games or other RPGs that I have been meaning to play through but never have enough time.

Good read, though I could've sworn Desert Bus raised more than 22k...I thought it was in the 70,000's?

Anyway, I would absolutely love to be in a charity such as this, it sounds like a lot of fun. No doubt if I could find a group to work with I'd be doing this, too. Thanks go out to the "Speed Gamers".

This article was really inspiring. While I do some charity work every year, this motivates me to think more and more outside the box with fundraising. Fantastic article, and sounds like some great people having some fun for a good cause.

*edit* I would like to add that this is a tremendous way to get younger generations involved in helping their community and that rocks!


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