Zero Punctuation: Fear 2

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Fear 2

Bullet time, scary little girls and quick time events. What's not to love about this week's Zero Punctuation review of Fear 2?

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Was it bad that i sat in my stats lab and refreshed the screen waiting for this?

"The Umbrella School of Business" Hahaha epic!
Haven't laughed this hard at ZP for ages!

Wow, the world would be better without sequels. But I'm not heading for law or medical school, so bring em on anyway.

Psh, Yahtzee's fantasy utopia would never succeed, too many brain-dead thirteen-year-olds

"...and you swat her off with the B-button."

I've heard, however, that there's a part where you find a head in a dryer. As good a point as he makes, in my books, that pretty much renders them moot.

A world without sequels... A good thing?

Just great supersoliders again.

Good review Yahtzee.

"Remakes will carry the death penalty!" But but, what about the legion of uneducated nerds who never played FF7, can I has remake ? .

That's it, Tomb Raider sentenced to death. Seems fair to me...

That was better than I thought it would be...

To be honest the industry has already run out of ideas WITH sequals so imagine how few games there would be in that universe...

Thank god death penalty for remakes.

I'm pretty sure that polisy alone is enough of a reason for us to elect Yahtzee president

Nice! Great idea with the banning sequls one. Only problem is, we would miss out on such great sequels!! I really wish some people just had some orignality while making games.

Still a great video! I think Yahtzee is getting funnier and funnier! He is now back to normal!

I have only played the Demo, the game looks fairly generic.

A world without sequels... A good thing?

Nope, the game industry would be dead.

A world without sequels? Lucas Arts have to be creative again.

Excellent review, and fortunately I don't seem to have missed out on anything by avoiding FEAR 2, just as I hoped.

fantastic review as always, and your right about giving remakes the death penalty.

The red-hot second I saw the TV promos for FEAR 2, I knew Yahtzee would leap all over it, machete in hand and hockey mask proudly strapped on. He didn't disappoint!

Do developers not know about Zero Punctuation? Or are the production teams really that thick? The only instances in which I believe QTEs work are rail shooters like House of the Dead or God of War where it's more of that Simon Says thing that helps you leap acrobatically around the latest giant boss to stab it in the eye. Speaking of stabbing things in the eye, sequels like this one (or Halo or Star Wars) need a good stiletto in the ocular socket if you ask me.

ED-209 with a coffee mug made my day.

I gotta say, a lot of people banned for strange things!!
Anyways, I think he's right and wrong, a world without sequels would be good for terrible sequels and remakes (e.g the MILLIONS of Mario games) but also good for some sequels (e.g ninja gaiden 2, saints row 2, MGS4 etc)

Wow. First time I have liked a review of your in a while; all becuase of a few Nice jokes and good points.

P.S Glad you recognised that PC gamers are mostly elitist bastards.

Yahtzee, your world of no sequels sounds beautiful place!


A world without sequels... A good thing?

Nope, the game industry would be dead.

Yeah right. Good joke.

Applause for Yahtzee. Good show, Mr. Croshaw. I'm looking forward to the incarceration of the creators of Beyond Good and Evil too.

I know watching this without sound completely misses the point, but did he like it? As far as I can tell, no.

I didn't even like F.E.A.R. 1, it wasn't scary, the AI wasn't nearly as good as everyone claimed, the pacing was terrible, why the fuck am I shooting at mechs? the list goes on about my complaints with F.E.A.R, and I don't think a sequel would make it better.

Very good ending on this one. However I wouldn't want to miss out on Valve's finest work just to avoid ignoring lucasarts and bungee ;)

No sequels uh. What about silent hill 2? almost a great idea tough.

I'd give FEAR 2 a 3.5/5. It's mostly fun to play through, w/ bullet time & high production value, but has enough glaring console-port or iffy design/story issues to keep it down.

But if there were no remakes or sequels, Capcom would have gone out of business at least a decade ago.


Wait, I wonder if that's really a bad thing...

No sequels uh. What about silent hill 2? almost a great idea tough.

True - but as he said, at least stories would have some damn closure!

Like Anarchronox :( They never made n.o 2 and the story is unfinished

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