de-rez: Dave Hiroshima Investigates

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Dave Hiroshima Investigates

Dave Hiroshima investigates where video games really come from: Harmless entertainment or alien conspiracy?

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Nice episode.


Some very good moments, great work :)

i missed my de-rez but rejoice there's a new episode!

That was quite the trashing.
Pretty good episode nice one :D

10mb/s uploads if only.

Dave's back! even after Gordon Freeman stabbed him with a crowbar.

Finally, a new de-rez. Dave is awesome but I kinda miss his old cameraman

I don't want Hiroshoma up my arse : (.

Nice to be greeted with a combination De-Rez and pure AWESOME!


Brilliant episode !!.

Brilliant video, a welcome return from De-rez

Nice episode.


Take that, game making aliens!

"Luckily Dave Hiroshima has a PhD!"

Brilliant stuff XD

"What do you think EA stands for? Extra Terr- er, ALIENS!"

Cherokee? Looks like Dave Hirshima shops at Tesco...DON'T LOOK SO SURPRISED JIMMY!

Love the show man, keep it up, missed d-rez ;)

"Did I just say thighs?"

Classic. Glad to have de-rez back along with Dave Hiroshima.

Excellent. Welcome back Dave!and chris but mostly DAVE!

The Truth is Out Here!

I miss the old Dave Hiroshima but this one is still awesome!
Roswell! in the aftermath of this event we had pong!!

The one thing that seemed off is that Dave Hiroshima's accent was different, and I missed the cameraman! However it was still a fuckin awesome ep.

NICE. Got to love those thighs...... I'm still watching..... Quick the rozers!

EA=Extra Alieny. Yet more proof!

Now it all makes sense, but, what about trailers? And demos?
I quess thare have to be a lot of gameteors coming to earth then. Programmers doesn't exist, they are all collectors!

Come to think of it, Blizzard's suplier is a bit to lazy.

Nice I'm glad you guys are making videos again. But to be honest I don't like that fat guy you guys have in there now. What happened to the old cast? What happened to the guy who played Jack Thompson?

Edit: Did I read that right? Every Friday...

Awh, it's good to have a new De-Rez episode. Had some really funny parts, definitely worth the wait.
I'll keep watching the thys, did I just say thys? :P

I wonder if those where real cops coming or if that was just REALLY good planning o_o

"If Dave Hiroshama gets caught again he's going to jail for life!" LMAO

Good to have Chris back, I got worried that De-Rez had been pulled. Keep up the good works guys.

Thank god, I was waiting for this for a good month now. Good to have you back Chris + De-rez!

Hiroshima away!

that was like the best episode!!!

This is real action DAVE HIROSHIMA!

Ahh, It's all good fun.

Holy cow! De-Rez still exists! Was worried about the series dying a quiet death noticed by no-one. Good to see a new one.

Just to ask, why is it that it takes so long to produce the episodes now? Real life just getting in the way?

I just get the feeling the guy in the field was probably just some random guy wondering what was going on, then Hiroshima comes out of nowhere and beats the crap out of him. Ha ha.

And I agree with blackcherry, its been a while.

So glad to see De rez back. I am absolutely loving the return of Dave hiroshima(legend)

Just to ask, why is it that it takes so long to produce the episodes now? Real life just getting in the way?

Slack has been off actually "enjoying himself" and making "real movies" or some such crap. So de-rez will be monthly for a while. I suspect it's just a cover-up for a month-long drunken bender, but I can't get any truth out of the kid.

Ah, so good to have another De-rez after such a long break. Well done.

Drunk or not, the Slack is Back!

Probably drunk!

Man, there should be a whole spin-off series of just Dave Hiroshima. Some of their other stuff is good, but some is junk. However, I think everyone loves Dave. :-)

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