Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Rare Exports

Exploring Rare Exports

Where Santa really comes from.

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Woah. Thanks, Cecil. I can't believe I'd never heard of this!

That looks awesome!

Never heard of that little gem, but it looks like a fun romp.

I've seen Santa Claus Conquers the Martians before from watching MST3K, and I agree. It's a stupidly absurd movie that's just plane fun, and the dialogue is pure cheese.

To everyone: make sure you check this out. It's not a "good bad flick". It's a plain good flick. An awesome flick. A borderline masterpiece in my opinion.

So... this is why you should get *local* hobo's the job. They love booze, probably swear up a storm themselves and bum your cigarettes... Dunno how they are about loud noises tho. So yell at your own risk near Santa!

This is a great movie. I really need to watch the shorts though, I've never gotten around to that.
I will admit though, you kind of got me wanting a movie where Candace Cameron snaps and goes after people with an ax. That would be a great Full House spin off.

Finland! Hooray!
No seriously santa traditions in finland were truly pretty much like this before commercialism.
Also this video contains a lot of dumb Americanisms and mispronunciations.


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