Review: The Last Remnant

Review: The Last Remnant

If you need an Xbox 360 JRPG to tide you over until Final Fantasy XIII, you could probably do worse than this one.

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I have to agree with a lot of this review. After you get past the tutorial phase the game really kicks you in the shins and does not really let you take full advantage of building a competant army of mercenaries right away. I found myself having to restart the game 3 times because I died to monsters and my options were limited as I was flanked again and again.

I will also agree that the combat system in this game was flawed because you always had to look at what command you were choosing and what moves each member of that group would do. I don't know if they were trying to make SRPG more turn based or simplify the RPG experience by doing this. Also NOT knowing what level you were drove me nuts because aside from the occasional special skill(and even then I did not know how to use that new attack) I did not know what the advantage of being a new class and not even the instruction booklet explains this new leveling system.

I noticed the mention of quests were not mentioned and as well as your troops requesting items. Bychance you can elaborate on your thoughts of this system?

EDIT: I mean what is with all these goofy character names? Rush, and Edge. These are not real names! HIIII, I'm RUSH....and these are my friends Edge and Capell.

i am not a fan of rpgs, but this one actually looks good!!!

Well, a good review, but I've been enjoying it for about the same amount o time as everyoen else has been enjoying Fallout 3 (I'm on my second playthrough to net the crap I missed the first time).

To be fair, it is a rather interesting game, and the plot at least isn't "Save the world" right from the start. Hell, it doesn't really get like that until the end of disc one, and the political intrigue is interesting.

Yeah, the frame rate sucks, though the PC version and inevitable PS3 version should take care of that (and those will probably have the other voice localizations, in case you detest the english voice acting).

I don't know, for some reason I've just been really enjoying this game. I wasn't expecting much, bought it, and have basically played nothing else since before Christmas, excluding a small 4 day break to play through PoP 3 times.

I still haven't tried this one yet, but there is also a demo up on Steam now. I've downloaded it, and will probably give it a shot at some point.

I got really into the game for awhile trying to lvl my stats up and find hidden things for crafting. I had to stop playing cause I got to a part where the game forced me to group with just the female general (who I never used) and remove the mercs I had been using the whole game. So now I can't leave the area I am in to lvl the female general up and my only option is restarting the game from the beginning.

Maybe one day I will pick the game back up and start over again... maybe.

played this game for a while; couldn't get into it

its a good game. but i went to item store and it would not tell want the items do. after that i said screw this game.

I have to say I rather enjoy this game, though as a lot of the positives have already been touched upon, have to give my biggest gripes:

1. To much of the battles are completely random due to the game deciding your possible actions. As said in the review you'll usually get 5 choices to choose from looking like say for example
1. Attack
2. Attack using mystic arts
3. All out attack!
4. Omnistrike!
5. Play it by ear

example given that they pick for you, and they'll even pick which "arts" are to be used in your selection, this problem generally alleviates itself nearer to the end of the game when you have an abundance of AP, but for a while you'll have this great attack the game won't let you use cause it'd rather have you and 3 other chumps use your weakest "arts" ability.

Branching off the randomness, again the game will choose for you a lot of the abilities you can use, and sometimes, not always but sometimes when you need an ability the most they will not give it to you. An obvious example being when your desperately low on health hoping to heal only to find the game decided it'd be a great time for you to "all-out attack!", it doesn't happen often but it'll happen at the worst times.

After the WOW of seeing upwards of 25 characters on-screen fighting (they'll still fight while your picking selections and what not so it does give a semblance of a real battlefield where the enemies and allies don't wait patiently for your selection), The spell graphics and the like are decently impressive if it weren't for the slow-down. Many times I thought my xbox was about to explode and wasn't from an extremely graphically intense scene mind you.

The equipment customization system that was briefly touched upon in the review was a very odd thing, that I liked, but annoyed me at other times. When I started the game the very first thing I bought were a shiny new broadsword and katana seeing as how the game allows Rush to dual-wield, And 3/4 of the game through, I'm still using them in an albeit improved form which I found pretty fun, but you find yourself not using anything new only trying to find the sometimes extremely hard to find materials to improve your weapon and you have to find them cause anything found in the shops are utter crap, or simply not for your race.

My last grievance I shall list not out of no more, but out of space's sake, would be the leveling system, I rather enjoyed the bit-by-bit approach to it, usually one or more characters leveling up an individual stat every battle makes it seem like your actually accomplishing something by grinding. Now that grinding is mentioned something else has to be mentioned as well, and that would be that your level is in a very broad sense represented by your "battle rank" and is at least a vague sense of your strength. The problem is that "experience" in this game is dependent on the BR of your enemies and yourself higher you are then them, less exp etc.

Your friends will level as well, but the thing is your leaders and soldiers all will start to plateau once you get to a certain BR just because the enemies aren't giving nearly as much exp as they used to, so your faced with a dilemma of having potentially very powerful leaders being not used, because you already leveled random general B to that point unknowingly screwing yourself over. So with so many varied leaders to choose from I simply couldn't use any of them out of fear of screwing yourself over because who knows when the game would decide to spike the difficulty curve up right when your trying to train a fledgling leader.

I suppose I'm going one over my before limited limit, this one bears to much importance in a review not to be mentioned. Oftentimes you'll find yourself completely sweeping aside a boss just as you would a fly off your collar, only to ten minutes later regretting your decision as Mr. fly just brought along his giant mutated redneck cousin fly to come and kick your ass.

As I'm not finished with the game,(getting close!) I suppose I can't completely and accurately review the games flaws, but so far despite these given flaws its still enjoyable up to a point. Armed with the knowledge to not grind until I've received the leaders I want to end the game with, I might just play it again and anyone who's wondering whether or not to, I suggest renting it at the least, where the flaws hurt they hurt bad at times, but the game itself is relatively positive and if pressed would give it a 7.5/10

I enjoyed the battling system once I got the hang of it, but I haven't played the game enough yet to see if it gets old.

The frame rate chug really was the worst of the crimes to me, but after having just finished Infinite Undiscovery (bought both at the same time and forgotten for years) I'm now really excited for Resonance of Fate.

RoF might not be as polished as Infinite Undiscovery (My god, that game was beautiful in every way) but the plot twists, the story, the character development of IU were all so damned good that I'm hungering for more of the same.


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