Battlefront is Barely Multiplayer At All

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Been mostly a pure Pubbing Multiplayer focused gamer since the days of Kali and the very first BattleNet support (diablo & WC2). I'll Admit LAN gaming with bros from my Highschool programming class was infinitely better. But ... even pub side, a bunch of people who replied to this thread, I have to say, are the ignorant ones here. Not Yahtzee. It's a bit more subtle so these new guys probably shouldn't even be expected to notice it. But the kids these days just don't even have that reminder anymore that on the internet, they're NOT the only person they should be able to relate to or acknowledge as being human. Nah, the Desensitization is so INGRAINED from the start up of most games now that we might as well just be thinking of all of them as AI too.

Things have definitely changed over time. All Social aspects have been replaced lock stock and barrel with incentives & Achievements designed for the shortest of attention spans... and I'm an expert on the subject having dealt with ADHD for 30 years

Yahtzee showing his ignorance of military history yet again.

It was a damn impressive show of a three way perfect storm of ignorance about World War One strategy, arcade machine playing motivation, and multiplayer gaming in general.

At least now I know the *real* reason he doesn't like classic splitscreen shooters..

I would in all honesty rather read a review of a multiplayer game from a person who doesn't like them.

Why? Because they are going to comment on the little things, the things a fan of multiplayer gaming will quite naturally gloss over in the initial rush of playing a new title. Those little things can quite often build up over time into something that can sour a experience for even the most diehard of fans.

[quote="Gethsemani" post="6.931455.23431537"
Agreed. I got the feeling that whoever wrote this (and yes, I know it is Yahtzee) hasn't played a multiplayer game in the last decade or so.[/quote]

That would make sense, given this revelation about arcades is about that old. It's literally been one of the big arguments I've seen made in favour of Call of Duty as far back as CoD was on my minimap.

Also, there should be some sort of law about this: if you're playing online, SOMEONE is thinking bad things about you. Could be a teammate. Could be an opponent. Maybe everyone does. But it's happening.

Johnny Novgorod:
I feel like Yahtzee's piece of mind on "the multiplayer issue" is a bit too muddled with inconsistencies.

This is bound to happen when you try and mix serious criticism and reductive snark. Ultimately, don't take it too serious. He's pretty clearly an entertainer first, and that's fine.

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