Dragon's Wake Tells A Story Without A Single Word

Dragon's Wake Tells A Story Without A Single Word

While the story is told without a single word spoken, you come to realize that you have entered a world where your species is being hunted.

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"Dragon's Wake has the sort of unforgiving controls reminiscent of 80's and 90's platformers that so often left me hauling controllers in my youth."

And all interest lost. Why do people think bad controls are a good thing? Game controls are supposed to facilitate you meeting the game's challenge- they're not supposed to be a part of the challenge. Do we see professional boxers getting themselves drunk before entering the ring just for "the extra challenge"?

This sounds like something I should give a second glance, and might not have otherwise. Thanks for the review. I certainly spent my share of time on those 80s and 90s platformers.

I can't believe I'm reading about this on the escapist. I know man who made this. Would never had thought that I would see his game here though. That's pretty awesome.


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