How Star Wars Ruined Christmas, and Vice Versa

How Star Wars Ruined Christmas, and Vice Versa

The Star Wars Holiday Special - George Lucas wishes it never happened, and so do we. But at least it gave us Boba Fett.

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Speaking as someone who forced himself to watch the entire thing out of morbid curiosity a few years back, I can only offer my deepest condolences. I know your pain.

By far the most entertaining segments were the commercials.

At the very least we can rest easy knowing that whatever Disney produces will never reach such abysmal lows.

Why do we not let this monstrosity actually die?

No images of the cartoon? Why?

Why do we not let this monstrosity actually die?

Because George Lucas wants it to die, so it can act as a blight upon Star Wars for him, in the same way the prequels are for everyone else.

Why do people still care about Star Wars? Is the marketing really that freaking effective? It was a fun trilogy in its time, and for years after. It wasn't great acting, it wasn't an amazing story, it was fun though. Why does it all have to be a "Culture" now?

This is what you get for trying to turn a movie into a culture.

If you don't want to sit through this shit, but still sort of want to experience it, I highly suggest watching I Hate Everything's video about the movie. It's probably worse than you're imagining.


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