Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Review - Guilty of Far-Out Anime Fighting Greatness

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Review - Guilty of Far-Out Anime Fighting Greatness

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- makes a strong showing on PC, especially for established franchise fans.

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It is a shame that the online is a bit off right now, even after the fixes (3.4 GB download for a bugfix patch? Wat?) but at least Ranked works most of the time now. I have to mention how good the room system is for player matches, you can have 4 separate battles going on in the same room with spectating available for any of them. You can have all 8 guys having a rotating tournament or have 4 1v1s going on.

I like the damage numbers in GG, I usually can beat someone who has one good RRC combo but has not much else despite me basically using a same few combo attacks, learning what your character is good at will always beat knowing just one cool combo. No flashbacks of UMVC3 where the one with the biggest combo always wins.

9/10 review, didn't dedicate a paragraph to Based Girl Ramlethal. The character that looks like ArcSys' answer to the complaints that they made BlazBlue's Mu-12 a cop-out pseudo clone of Lambda-11.

I'm still dissapointed by the fact that neither Bridget or ABA are on the roster. Let alone how much it shrinked down compared to Accent Core Plus (R).

That said, one of the new characters did draw my interest. But if it is enoug for me to buy Xrd, I do not know.


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