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You can't spell funeral without fun.

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I would've guess that they were Horse-Flies.

Part of me would gladly buy this just because it has a female from power rangers IF I had money to burn.

Andddd Paris nails it in the end! Another date for Voyager's ladies man! ;)
And not just coffee or dinner, but SODA! :D

Some money spent on the script would have helped too.

I'm not expecting Schindlers List here, but at least some consistency is appreciated and not being goodawfully stupid helps.

OMG this movie stars the PC Principal!
Hide your children!
And who'da thought there would ever be another Gremlins movie? But Billy might be at it again, this time at the ripe age of 51.

Damn, that was terrible, the actors seemed to do their roles just fine, its everything else that seemed to suck. I couldnt even understand what was going on with the headless dude and a sleeve of flies for a head

I still think Amy Johnson's best work was on Flashpoint. She makes for a thoroughly badass Canadian supercop!
I nearly fell out of my seat when I saw her name on the opening credits. Don't know what exactly prompted her to get in on this bizarre mess.

My theory is that some actors are superstitious, and will intentionally take a "bad" role in a movie that will fail, so that they aren't paranoid or stressed out if their next project fails to meet.


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