Agents of Cosplay: Happy Holidays Agents of Cosplay

Happy Holidays Agents of Cosplay

Cats in festive vests, what else do you need to know?

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This is nuttier than a Christmas fruitcake! And I am proud to say I helped manufacture the fun! Cats in custom-tailored elf outfits (and plotting revenge) plus Liana dancing while dressed as a Starbucks non-denominational red coffee cup! You must watch to spread holiday cheer!

Hahahaha How did you get Binky to pose like that for so long!!!
And poor Delilah just wants out of that Non-Denomitional Holiday Assistant collar!

I'm guessing they're better at unwrapping gifts than actually fabricating or wrapping them... you may need to hire some extra hands just to be safe.

And I'm sorry, your red cup had a gingerbread man on it, I find this ever so denigrating to gingers.... wait.... nevermind, I just got it!

Merry Holidays to you and all of your assistants!!!

'Dibs' is were I lost it. Poor poor Binky. Even if his thousand yard stare was creepy. So so creepy. May have they all forgiven you by now.

Now, if you'll excuse me I feel the need for coffee for some reason.


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