Remembering HR Giger: More than Just Alien

Remembering HR Giger: More than Just Alien

If there was ever an artist who deserved to be featured in a column called Dark Dreams, it's the late HR Giger.

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Giger was awfully fond of phalluses wasn't he? If there was a hole he'd draw a long slender grayscale object next to it or going into it. Like a bored 15 yr old but with more talent.

I actually love his art, everything being incredibly phallic aside [asexual here; nothing turns me on HAH]; I adore the art from the Dark Seed games [and that's it and let's never discuss the terrible everything else from said games] but I'm a sucker for the whole "biomechanical" thing and I still think xenomorphs are fuckin' AWESOME.

I like the otherworldly feel his art tends to convey and the details are immaculate

H.R. Giger, you indirectly made Sigourney Weaver most recognizable female badass of all time, for which we are thankful.


Does anyone else here think he looks a bit like Herbert Lom?

I watched Jodorowsky's Dune after reading several "movies that never were" articles, I will forever weep, that would have been the best movie of all time. Giger was a genius


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