The Year That Christmas Was Awesome

The Year That Christmas Was Awesome

Sometimes, a game is more than just a game.

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Now there's a man who knows the meaning of sacrifice. Yeah, my parents have been through enough to have some (horror) stories of their own.

Great story, slightly similar story and me being much older, my dad didn't dislike video games, but he was the equivalent of a caveman when it comes to technology. When I told him I was going to be building my first rig (ergo, asked if they would get the motherboard for me for christmas that year) he looked at me with such a huge puzzle on his face, but agreed to it anyways. You couldn't have possibly been more meticulous than I was that first time opening that motherboard box, you'd swear I was in a clean room in a hospital prepping for fucking brain surgery with the way I was handling it. I do remember the smirk on his face though when I was building it and when I got done (that first time the rig hummed to life was suspenseful as fuck, but he congratulated me on it.), it was definitely something I won't ever forget.


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