Joy - Jennifer Lawrence Invents the Miracle Mop, Needs No Man

Joy - Jennifer Lawrence Invents the Miracle Mop, Needs No Man

Joy is a disappointing film - something that had all the potential to be better than it wound up being, even if the end result isn't exactly "bad."

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I saw Joy in the last few days of last year with my family. Coming out, I commented that while I enjoyed it, it was perhaps the most average film I'd seen all year. Not, as in, "that was okay" (saw plenty of "okay" films) but everything about it was just...average.

Review pretty much sums up my feelings, though I haven't seen any of the director's other works. If anything, have to compliment de Niro though, how he can cover Rudy's persona (in this film) and play a completely different character in The Intern just as well.

How the deuce do I stop the photos in these articles from opening themselves to full size? If I close them with the little 'X' in the corner, I want them to STAY closed.

But thanks for clarifying what the hell this movie is about. The trailers told me nothing, and Russel's work lately are what I call "comedies not trying to be funny, but get nominated for Oscars."

In other words, come for the Lawrence, yet stay past the first half or so of the movie before you start claiming that you're only watching it because of Lawrence's portrayal of Joy...

Other that that, would the next Russell movie have another "misleading" trailer instead of a "palate appetizer" of a trailer?


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