Game of The Year 2016

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Something Amyss:

Madara XIII:

Something Amyss:
There are two types of people in this world: those who choose The Order: 1886 as their GOTY, and people who are objectively wrong.

Must...resist start a...flame war!

You cannot argue with objective fact. Your bias is clearly showing if you disagree.

But The Order 1886 was a terrible movie...

Madara XIII:

But The Order 1886 was a terrible movie...

That's only because you lack the objectivity that comes with science!

Caramel Frappe:
I like the idea that Big Boss is trying to do a stealth attack, the Hunter trying to do a massive leap attack- all while Papayrus merely wants to congratulate Geralt with a friendly spook. Then you have the Rocket League car that's going to crush all of them under it's weight because vehicles are heavy.

Also that face. "Why do I have the feeling this is going to hurt?"

Pfft, clearly he's going to roll out of the way at the last moment while the Hunter smashes Papyrus into Big Boss and Sombrero runs the resulting pile-up over and drags it under it's fender for 500 yards.

I am disappointed by the lack of Xenoblade Chronicles X. Grey, I demand that you play that game if you have a Wii U, $60 to burn, and some free time if it's not too much trouble, please.

I think Undertale winning would have made for a better comic, since you'd have all these violent triple A game characters ganging up on a happy cartoon skeleton. Feels like there'd be a message there.

But yeah, now I'm picturing Geralt as a boss in Bloodborne and getting hyped.

Poor Papyrus would probably break the thing in three and hand each person a piece. "Everyone's a winner now! Well, except for me... but I made you all winners, so technically that makes me a winner too!"

... Uch, I had to get out my fanboy out, didn't I...

Papyrus is slightly outmatched fighting wise in that contest. Can't see Geralt on Snake being prepared to wait while he talks about spaghetti instead of slashing him up straight away.

I'd really like to know what Papyrus' plan of attack is here. Was he going to turn The Witcher blue and make it impossible for him to dodge via any means except by jumping?

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