The Cosplays You'll See More of in 2016

The Cosplays You'll See More of in 2016

The dead of winter is when a lot of cosplayers start thinking about their costumes for the summer. The new year is also a time when people make predictions.

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I keep forgetting the Olivia Munn is Psylocke because when I see her, I don't see Olivia--I see Psylocke. And that is a good thing in my book. The fact that I can look at her and instantly know who she is without having to even wonder about it. I do hope more people dress up as her, because I've always liked her look.

Mm, I don't know if Poe should be thrown in with the Star Wars outfits; unless you look exactly like the man, you're just gonna be "Resistance Pilot".
Excuse the salt, I'm just bitter because I wanted to be Kylo-Ren but a buddy of mine wanted it too (he's a better fit anyway) and he suggested Poe. And I like Poe, so at first I'm like "Yeah!" then I'm all "Wait..."
I have no doubt I'm going to see a lot of Kylo-Ren's runnin' around Emerald City Comic-Con.


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