Good Bad Flicks: Exploring Waterworld

Exploring Waterworld

Exploring the making of Waterworld.

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Oh wow

Now I want to see the long directors cut version

i think i saw the very long version on tv back in switzerland. because it was over 2 hours long. still dont like the movie.
i have heard that a lot of effort went in to it but the movie still sucks. just alone some typical the hero cant be shot cliches were to plentiful. at times some conversations were just plain boring. no, i still skip out on it.

I'm really glad you reviewed this one. I enjoy these reviews but I'm not a big fan of horror films so it was nice to see it enter my area of interest.

I always kinda liked Waterworld so it's good to see it get some love. Then again I also like the cheesiness/ridiculousness of Battlefield Earth and think it's a quality b-movie to watch to laugh at and enjoy. So what do I know?

I also thing that I saw and liked the long directors cut when it was aired on TV; never understood what the hate was about until I saw it on DVD again and realized that something was missing.

I saw the theatrical on t.v a few years back, the director's does sound much better, but I don't think I could sit through it again.

Heh, Costner sounds like a douche.


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