That Dragon, Cancer Review - Snapshots of a Hard Life

That Dragon, Cancer Review - Snapshots of a Hard Life

That Dragon, Cancer is a minimal point-and-click adventure that explores uncertainty, hope, despair, hardship, faith, and finality, without uttering so many words on the subjects.

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I got curious, and after wishlisting it on Steam I checked out the forums. Jesus fucking christ, and I thought that chemotherapy was supposed to be toxic. I see shit behavior on the internet first hand everyday, I've even been on the receiving end of it, but god damn, this has to be like in my top five most shit experiences I've ever witnessed. I recommend anybody interested in the game avoid it.

Well it doesn't sound like my kind of game; there is enough in the world to be depressed about without needing to immerse myself in an even more directly depressing one. That being said I like that there are games like this out there.

I believe that gaming, like no other medium, has the potential to show other people's perspectives. It can provide the '100 miles of another man's shoes' for people to walk and inspire truer emotions than just watching a movie. And where this game has failed in the 'enjoyment' aspect it might yet inspire another game to better capture those ephemeral moments and share them.


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