Recollections of Doom

Recollections of Doom

For those who somehow managed to miss the news, the fourth Doom game is coming out this year. I can

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I was there too, playing LAN deathmatch games on lunch in my high school computer lab and doing dial-up co-op with my best friend. It was a good time to be a gamer.

The only other game that affected me as much as DOOM was Quake with the improvements it made to the genre.

You forgot something. Doom was shareware, so the first third of the game was free. It didn't need of cracking or piracy to be distributed to anyone who wanted to try it for no cost. That made it spread like a wildfire.

"The reason is simple: I was there in 1993 and 1994, playing Doom."
Me too, I even got the Super Nintendo version back then for my birthday!!!!

And there where *so much more* revolutions after that, it was crazy exciting to grow up with a technology focus if you where born in like 1982! Not gonna replay Doom tho; Secret of Mana (SNES, also 1993!!!) atm and then probably Mechwarrior 4.

I was there too! But only on the nights my mom had to go out, and my dad would let me play it on his computer behind her back...

I still have my original floppies.

A stack of the bastards to install the game.

I remember installing it on every computer at school, thus lowing the GPA due to nobody studying or doing their work.

After all, why look up something on the computer, when you could shoot a demon in the face?

DOOM was a virus. At least in the eyes of my middle school. It kept "infecting" the school computers somehow despite all attempts at wiping the drives (a time consuming task in that day). It was in no way shape or form due to my "teaching" kids how to install DOOM... nope, no way.

I remember playing this on work experience. Fresh faced fifteen year old at Rolls Royce (sadly, crane division) doing C.A.D. work and general office junior tasks, all the big powerful C.A.D. computers we had in the office had it setup and everyone would play at lunchtime.

That was my first experience of LAN gaming, and multiplayer that didn't involve split screen where you could easily see the other players perspective (not through cheating, but screens weren't all that big back then, the living room TV was lucky to be in the twenties, I was lucky enough to have a bedroom TV (many friends didn't) and that was only 12").

Those were the days, has it really been over two decades?

Doom never got me, I was with the Marathon crowd,

but Quake, hell yes!! (pun intented)


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