5 White Guilt Movies That Make Guys Cry

5 White Guilt Movies That Make Guys Cry

Martin Luther King Day is coming, so look at these five "white guilt" films that tend to make guys get teary-eyed.

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Still, I've seen most of the these movies.

Shame that most of them suffer from some REALLY crappy acting.
But, child actors, can't really expect a lot.


I wouldn't call it a "white guilt" movie, but one of my favorite movies touching upon the subject of racism and civil rights is the Matthew Broderick starring American Civil War film, 'Glory'. While it is mostly told from the perspective of Matthew (playing union officer Robert Shaw), it does include Morgan Freeman and Denzel Washington as part of a troop of Union led black soldiers fighting the Confederacy.

I submit it as a great guy movie because a.) it is essentially a war movie, with a few action set-pieces and a focus on military life, b.) it does not sugarcoat the racism. The struggle between the confederacy and the union isn't depicted as being black and white (forgive me), and c.) oh, this does not have a happy ending. I highly recommend it.

Y'know, I was really expecting 12 Years a Slave to be on this list, and I was going to make some snide remark about how you confused white guilt with Oscar bait. Instead you surprise me with a list that's really good, considering the theme of the list. While I'm sad to say I've still not seen Driving Miss Daisy, I have watched, more times then I have fingers, The Blind Side and The Green Mile. I could definitely put The Green Mile down as one of my all time favorite movies, I can't say the same for The Blind Side. Very good movie, but I just had a really hard time convincing myself that Sandra Bullock was the typical rich white southern woman she was playing. Her acting in that role seemed, I don't know what term you could better use but let's say campy.


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