Game Theory: Will 2015 be the End of YouTube Rewind?

Will 2015 be the End of YouTube Rewind?

With the year winding down, I wanted to do my own "YouTube Rewind" - recapping the highlights of my year with all of YOU. But then I noticed, YouTube was not the only platform recapping it's year in a snazzy video, Facebook did so too. And with all the hype about Facebook video I thought it might be time to analyze these two platforms (which seem to be going head to head in a battle for the internet video); and, discuss the future of digital media. What does the future hold for our beloved platform? Let's find out!

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Fuck's YouTube Rewind? Fucking YouTube Rewind.

Heck of a trip, that.

Hmm, I know he says that TV is "dying", but I'm pretty sure it's just cable that is dying with TV watching just relocating to online streaming sources.

10:36 - After the Rain, bitches!

God I love that song... so much Realmz nostalgia...

Seriously though, it's gonna be interesting to see where all this goes. Especially with the GOP trying to repeal net neutrality.

EDIT: Also, that new trend of pushing for longer videos is likely to kneecap the interlingual side of the community. The great thing about 3 minute videos is that they're quick to watch and relatively easy to absorb, making them ideal for non-native speakers of English (or of whatever language ANY video happens to be in). Basically, small-bites-more-frequently.If they keep pushing shorter videos out, that'll raise the bar of entry for non-native speakers.
Give it what, ten years? When all you can find is 20-minute-to-hour-long webisodes or TV shows, Netflix style, and it won't be a place for people to come and experience first-hand, it'll be something to save for later when you can find the subtitle files. That's not good news at all when you're trying to be globally inclusive, whether for community reasons or for financial ones.

Hmm, I know he says that TV is "dying", but I'm pretty sure it's just cable that is dying with TV watching just relocating to online streaming sources.

You didn't hear it from me but yes it's call IPTV and all cable provided stations will be streamed over Docsis, you'll just have a modem and a cableTV app on your roku or ISP provided equivalent box.

(sinks back into the shadows.)

On topic I think the only worthwhile point made in this video is how derivative youtube has become, it's pretty much all people reacting to or playing or copying original content from somewhere else. Even Google has admitted youtube is no longer profitable as of 2015 and are desperate to either make it profitable or get rid of it. Most likely google will be selling youtube between 2016-2017 and it will be geocities 2.0. I think ultimately it has a lot to do with content being easier today to host privately than it was 5-10 years ago. If its worth it's paid content status it's easy and cheap to just host it locally behind paywalls. In a way youtubes lack of content control is the cause of its demise. If youtube had put down some kind of rules on whats considered valuable content it might have been able to stand the test of time. Instead its become a public toilet for the lowest common denominator to post themselves verbally shitting in reaction to what the latest pop thing is.


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