Judging By The Cover: Judging Dragon Age: Inquisition

Judging Dragon Age: Inquisition

Inquisition: An investigation or inquiry especially one of a political or religious nature.

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That really is a dragon. I always thought everybody was making fun of me when they said it.

For me the monsters were always forming a giant mouth to chomp on the guy. Kind of like fish that swim in a group.
I guess I need to take back all my comments about how effing stupid and nonsensical the box-art is.

Oh how did i not notice that negative space dragon until now? Nice. The dysfunctional penis is the only type that a dragon can effectively "work with" i guess. They are not great lovers.

Come on Yahtzee! Not a single "Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition" reference?...

You know what would be fun? An April 1st Judging by the Cover of Hatfall where he makes absolutely fantastic and absurd assumptions from it. Like here we see a black imp with a red bow. From this it's clear the developer has a massive penis and bones with super model twins every 3 hours.

And the angle of this hat's tip is a clear metaphor for Neo-Imperialism Post Modern Progressive Interracial relationships involving donkeys and off brand Nostesses cupcakes.

Hey, never noticed negative space dragon before.

But...but...but what of poor Lucy? Did anyone pick her up from practice?

Is it just me or have the last few punchlines been extremely weak?

Johnny Novgorod:
Hey, never noticed negative space dragon before.

Me neither. I think it was the Geordie La Forge visor that threw me off

Part of me wants Yahtzee to do an entire episode in that BRIAN BLESSED voice that he used there, that would be just spectacular to listen to. Especially if it was about Flash Gordon's old posters...

nobody could have prepared me for a BRIAN BLESSED moment, that was awesome


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