8 Classic Webcomics You Should be Reading

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I always like the series DM of the Rings. One of the best LOTR parodies out there.

It's far inferior to Gunnerkrigg Court these days.

This is not an opinion. It is a tautology. All things that are not Gunnerkrigg Court are inferior to Gunnerkrigg Court.

No Sluggy Freelance? Words cannot express my disappointment.

I read Sluggy for over a decade, finally stopped last summer. After over 10 years I finally...finally got tired of a story based entirely upon cliffhangers that don't get resolved for 3 weeks because Pete has the habit of splitting his cast into (at least) 2 groups so he can bounce back and forth between the two of them.

Finally I just...sorta...didn't check out the comic one day...and I haven't looked back since. :P

Edit: Oh, and also it had been way too long since Oasis had made an appearance.

Ha, I'm reading/have read most of the list. Guess I'm more maintstream than I guessed!

I'd nominate Freefall to earn a place on it myself though.

This one's old. As in, pretty dang old. Thank god for that too, as the story moves GLACIALLY slowly. Not necessarily a bad thing, as it's also written by an actual engineer and features probably the most proper science fiction I've seen in any webcomic to date. Also some great satire on corporate culture, just as it deserves. :)

Word of caution: features a single anthropomorphic wolf if you're allergic to that sort of thing.

Edit: checking the archive, the first strip is from the March of 1998. Yikes. This comic would be legally eligible to vote in most parts of the world.

I always like the series DM of the Rings. One of the best LOTR parodies out there.

Uncertainty-Lich never gets old!

Since the article mentions the votey -- aka the little red button -- at the end of SMBC comics, it's also worth noting that Zach recently started including hidden text when you mouse over the comics as well.

And to keep the recommendations coming I'm going to recomend Extra Ordinary; The amazing and adorable adventures of Li, her boyfriend Jordan and their cat Shoelace.

Castle Vidcons is also pretty darn brilliant. It's about the gaming universe personified as a medieval drama between the console kings, each with their own distinct personalities, like the Mad King Wii, the long suffering Lord Playstation and the annoying as fuck Original Xbox Peasant.

I've still got Penny Arcade on my RSS just because it's cheap to do so, but they're tired old men doing tired old man comics now, especially once they had kids (the kiss of death for creativity) and have even said so. They shouldn't be on anyone's Must list except for nostalgia.

It's far inferior to Gunnerkrigg Court these days.

Yeah, I kinda feel like people just keep putting Penny Arcade on their lists because it was one of the first regular webcomics and the "it was great once" nostalgia.

This makes me wish that 8-Bit Theater was still being updated. Good times...

This. I read that series back to back. It was amazing.

especially once they had kids (the kiss of death for creativity)

Ahhhh... But what a sweet kiss it is... ;) At least for stable loving couples.

Hmmm, webcomics I like that I would consider "classic" are Gunnerkrigg Court and Girl Genius. I could probably make a case for Digger and Homestuck being classics as well.

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