PC Gamer Tech - The 5 Coolest from CES 2016

PC Gamer Tech - The 5 Coolest from CES 2016

What were some of the coolest things we saw for PC gamers at CES 2016?

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Has anyone had good long term experience with the R.A.T gaming mouse? I was thinking of getting one, but all the reviews said that long term, the device was garbage. The modularbility made them weak and prone to failure.

Interesting article, but the mouse and the honorable mention of the laptop with a mini tower were the most interesting to me. It's really awesome that VR has gotten as good as it has, but I too suspect not many people will have a 15' x 15' section of their house to devote to playing games in virtual reality.

I'm also NOT looking forward to the day everyone has VR in their home, as I meet too many people who don't seem to do much besides sit at home as it is.

Regarding the earlier forum question about R.A.T. gaming mice: how long is "long term"? I've been using one for over a year now and still like it, but I'm not the most intensive user either.

The obvious downside of the Vive is that you need to dedicate up to 15 by 15 feet of space to it - that's effectively giving up a room in your house just for VR.

That's not much of a downside really. The bigger downside is the fact that the thing is wired, making ability to walk around is of extremely limited use unless you also happen to have some sort of roof mounted cable management system capable of following you around.

it goes beyond simply needing a room with the space towards needing a room treated as a special construction project. I like what I've seen about the Vive otherwise, but I'm not sold on that for this generation of devices.


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