Take My Money: D'ni You Want These Myst Items

D'ni You Want These Myst Items

Going back to the adventure game that inspired The Witness.

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Missed the Iconic Linking Sound, ergo Worst Video Ever.

All kidding aside, I just might have to splurge on a D'ni Wannabe shirt... Myst was my first PC game ever, so it has a special place in those blackened cockles of mine.

So. Much. Want. Muh favorite game franchise featured!

If I had the money, I'd totally buy six islands and recreate the first two games.

Including the maglev.


Disney calling a project too expensive? That's hilarious, considering the numerous theme parks they've built around the world. I would absolutely love to visit a real-life Myst Island. Now if only we could build a real Riven...

D'ni Wannabe, HA!
That's a pretty impressive lineup - I wonder who you actually buy the islands from? And what country they're in?


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