Witness Gonna' Witness

Ha ha ha! I never thought I would need context for a Critical Miss strip as much as today...

Seriously, what the heck is happening?

EDIT: Nevermind. The Witness is one of those games that flew under my radar for some reason.

Currently listening to Total Biscuit's most recent podcast and they actually talked about this game for a bit...apparently it's "The Dark Souls of puzzle games".

Seems this comic verifies that assertion. :P

That's... a very accurate descibtion of my current experience. Though I guess I'll end up much worse as I wasn't even able to figure out the last pink-tree-apple-puzzle on my own. And that's veeery easy...

I just "finished" the game last night, 452 + 59 puzzles solved, and I loved it. However, the rabbit hole goes much deeper than the actual puzzle panels. (I'd say the puzzle panels are just the tip of the iceberg of the complexity of this game)

Puzzle solutions drawn in poo? Mind over fecal matter, Erin!

OT: I keep hearing about this game. I keep not wanting to get drawn into it because I know what'll happen. I drew grids for Grimrock II. I'm going to go overboard if I start into this one and my neighbors will file a missing persons report on my behalf.

For anyone confused by this, Jim Sterling did a pretty good explanation video about the game, here:

I remember when your comics referencing obscure games nobody ever heard of or played had blurbs underneath explaining what you were referencing.
I miss those days.

...And I thought Sudoku was bloody...

Other than that, my brain hurts...

I'm still excited for spring break so that I can dive in face first.

Human Poop tags aside.

What the deuce did I just read? Is Erin looking at those sheets the drew X's on with her blood, thinking "Shiny and Chrome!"?

This does need a fourth panel with a "24 hours in", everything burning around her and she's too engrossed in the game.

The images only go away when red comes out.

Does the Witness have a deeper story? Or just a premise?

If it hasn't, then, for me, it is a waste of a beatiful looking game with apparently awesome puzzles and a quantity of them on top of that.


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