It Shoots Sound Waves Through Your Skull - AfterShokz Gamez Review

It Shoots Sound Waves Through Your Skull - AfterShokz Gamez Review

A "bone conduction" headset, the AfterShokz Gamez is light, comfortable, and... leaks a lot of sound.

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What's the current price point.?

What's the current price point.?

Googling shows $100. Not bad for tech of this type.

I need to add here that bone conduction headsets have several other advantages. Yes, they market it as a safer way to walk down the street with a headset on and still be aware of your environment, especially for the blind, but these are also AMAZING for people with single sided deafness or damage to the middle/outer ear.

For example, I am entirely deaf on one side. Putting these on allowed me to hear in surround sound for the first time in my life. Well, not these, I bought the cheaper $40 Aftershokz Sport M3 that were wired ($50 gets you a blutooth version which I don't prefer for headphones). These also drastically changed my gaming experience by making sound feel like it was all around me rather than just on my left side (the good ear side). I can't quite tell which way the bullets in an FPS are coming from but I may after time.

Basically, the sound it conducts from the right side of your head takes longer to get to the working Cochlea on the left side of your head. Your brain can tell the difference between which side of your head it's coming from which suddenly means you have surround sound albeit with only one ear. This is the principle of the BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid). I also let a coworker who is hard of hearing gives these a shot and he couldn't believe it. It was also convenient for him that he didn't have to take his hearing aids out.

Anyways, I'm a big supporter of these. If you have a hard of hearing relative or are one yourself, consider checking these or a comparable brand out soon. It will amaze you. If you aren't hard of hearing then I'm not entirely sure why you'd want one unless you just prefer to be aware of your surroundings or just want to look cool with this tech.


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